Gaming service that provides social features for multiplayer games


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  • Version 170610 4.9
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  • Works under Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows Vista / Windows XP
  • Language English

Keep all of the information about your multiplayer games in one place so that they are easy to find.

This is a program that offers many benefits if you play a lot of games with other people. There are files that can be used to store all of the information that you have from each game along with the people who you normally play with so that you know who to look for while you're online.

While using the program, you'll find that there are many social aspects that make it fun to use. There are chat rooms that allow you to talk to the people online while you're playing games. This can sometimes get in the way of playing the games, especially if you're talking to a lot of people at once. However, it's also a benefit because you can create strategies and find out how other people are doing in the game, getting ideas as to what you can do next while playing.

Another aspect of the program is that you can participate in video chats. This helps if you like looking at other people while you're playing a game and sometimes takes away the distraction that a simple chat room offers. It's a program that can allow you to meet new people who share the same interest in gaming that you have.

One of the things to keep in mind is that you can't cross networks. It slows the program down, and you might find that you can't play certain games at once, if you're on two or more networks at once. There are various levels of the program that you can have, one that lets you keep 50 friends in a chat room and another that allows you to have up to 500.


  • Multiple chat options
  • Saves game information


  • Can interfere with game play if using multiple networks
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